It’s All About The Fishing

Actually, it’s all about the Trout Jumpin’ 9,000 feet here!!
Here at Silver Springs Trout Pond we have a 1 acre pond stocked with tasty, jumpin’ rainbow trout!  Our pond is about 20 feet deep, give a take a few feet and feed by atleast 7 natural springs, so you won’t find any fishy tasting fish here, just light, flaky and great tasting.

Here’s How It All Works
*Each person on the pond is $1.00 each for 2 years and older
*The fish are $ .80 cents and inch
*No catch and release & we will clean and bag them for you at no extra charge
*While you are more than welcome to bring your own poles and bait (no human foods please)
Fishing Pole Rentals are $4.00 each for adult, youth or children
You will also find a variety of baits, tackle and lures
As Well As
Ice, drinks and snacks and campfire wood

Because this is 9,000ft up in the mountains the weather can change from one minute to the next and the weather man is not always right, so please feel free to give us a call (575-682-1148) or check our facebook page (Silver Springs) for updates regarding the weather and what you might want to bring with you.