Pond Rules and Regulations
  ** Fish at your own risk
                              ** Children must be watched at ALL times by a responsible adult 18 yrs or older.
                              **  Children are not permitted to run around and bother other fishers, they are here to enjoy themselves & their families  just as you are.  Parents/guardians will be held FULLY & COMPLETELY responsible for their children
                             **  Service animals are the only pets allowed on the pond.
                                      **All service animals must be leashed and secured at all times, or you will be asked to remove them from the pond.
                             **  Children under 16 yrs of age not allowed in the pond area at any time without a responsible adult 18 yrs or older
**  No swimming 
                            ** Coolers are not allowed in pond area
                            ** Good sportsmanship is a must, this is a family place, foul language, foul attitudes nor drunken behavior will NOT be permitted. You will be asked to check-out and leave promptly if you or your party cannot/will not maintain civil behavior 
                            **Shoes must be worn at all times, there can be hooks and lures hidden in the grass 

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